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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
arrey dada, ami tow bhoye heart fail korar moto obosthaa! Tobey harley harmu, bhoi paiya laabh ta ki...shudhu shudhu ayu komaitesi....India is a big team, contender for the cup, more than likely we BD are not going to survive them. But Inshallah, we will play good crciket and our boys shall entertain the world, that's what I can hope and pray for. Of course I want us to win and I hope and pray for us BD to win, but as I said Team India is a giant and I like to be close to reality.

But hey good luck to both teams, India and Bangladesh!

But also at the end of the day again I end up going back to where I always roam ...
Viva Bangladesh! Joy Bangladesh! Danillkaa! Daanillkaaa for Bangladesh! Baabooshkaa for the green and red!!! Jeghe Utho DHaka Mental Hospitaal!! Biriyani kabo, Rezala kabu! Murog-Pulao kabo!!
best post...after a long time...

ami to bhabchi loitta shutki r chutney diye gorom gorom bhat khabo...
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