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Originally Posted by Padosan
Whatever it is, we got to give credit to sehwag. He said he wanted to play 50 overs and he almost did it in the first game after he spoke that.

he is a straight shooter, not politically correct, can never be a captain material to shoot of words like this, but he doesn't believe in diplomacy in batting or talking. One thing if you note, when batting, he does not give an attitude to the bowlers.

i know i will get caned here, but i do like sehwag, honestly, wont BD also want someone like sehwag in their team as long as u can back your mouth with performances ??

Cheers !
^Mostly agreed !

In 2008/2009 Tamim said he would tweak his game a bit and bat longer...and thank god he does, and the last match is further proof that he IS trying to do that on a regular basis.

Its like Matthew Hayden and Adam Gilchrist or Sanath Jaysuriya and Romesh Kaluwitaran deciding to go prolong their innings would result in certain end to any game in the very first innings. Sehwag did play brilliantly, nothing to take away form it. He does not give attitude to the bowlers, he just spanks them, irrespective of who they are, be it Kenya or Australia.

The only thing that people might translate to attitude is his complete unfriendly behavior and sometimes uncalled for rude bluntness.

A scary thought to have him transform this way now for any team it is. Good for him and India ! Little can we care about it, we can only appreciate and prepare to counter it in future meetings.

Good on him. Hope more aggressors can follow suit!
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