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Originally Posted by Murad
There are plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your tactical nous, and change your team around to get the best possible results.

Team changes and captain changes are unlimited until the start of the Cricket World Cup at 08:30 GMT on Saturday 19 February 2011. Changes are also unlimited between the end of the Group Stages and the start of the Quarter-Finals at 08:30 GMT on Wednesday 23 March.

You can also make up to 40 team changes during the Group Stages and up to 10 team changes from the start of the Quarter-Finals until the end of the competition.

If you do not use your full quota of 40 team changes during the Group Stages, unused transfers will not be carried forward.

Team changes carried out after the scheduled start time of a match will only come into effect for the following game.

Please note that a simple 'one player out, one player in' represents one team change. Five players out and five players in counts as five team changes, irrespective of whether they are carried out at the same time or not.

The points scored by a player will be credited to your team total only until the point he is retained in the team. You will not score that player's points obtained after he is sold, nor will you gain the points scored by the incoming player before being brought into your team.

Captain changes are unlimited throughout the competition and can therefore be changed prior to every single match.

In the event of two matches in a day, you can change your captain any time after the scheduled start of the first match to take effect for the second match - thus effectively having two captains for that day.

murad, do we get point for captain? if so, how does that work?
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