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Hollyy cracka-jacka!! That is a masterclass video! I have goosebumps all over my body, and I got tears in my eyes! I mean this is the best video ever created for BD, no, this is the best video every created on YOUTUBE! No this is... I am seriously lost for words. I know people say that a lot, I used to go "what do people mean by that? How can they be lost for words! Use the dictonary". I know what they mean now. I am seriously lost for words.

I was about to say, "It's DONT Stop Believing, not never stop believing." Because I thought you'd put together some pictures and used the song 'Don't Stop Believing', and I was about to correct you

I say you pass that onto JF or Pont, and request them to show this video to all the tigers
Are you trying to read this? Why did you highlight it?
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