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BDFlag Spread the Belief!

Wow! This response is just... phenomenal! Thank you all so much for the kind words!

My friends and I at Maverick Studios have been doing our utmost to spread this video through Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter. Posting it on this forum seemed like the logical next step. And I'm SO GLAD that we posted it here.

Please, share this video with every Bangladesh Cricket fan you know. I am dreaming of a situation where in EVERY match, win or lose, from now till the end of time... Bangladeshi crowds will be chanting "We will Never Stop Believing" (or something like that). Can you just imagine the effect that would have on our players?

So please, share this with everyone! This video is for the fans, and for the team. It's yours.

I've already PM'ed Ian and Julien, in the hope that they will show this video to our players. If we can inspire them through this video... well, we really, really couldn't ask for more!

Sidrat Talukder
Maverick Studios
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