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Originally Posted by Shaan
I found Tamim and Kayes more eyecatching than Sehwag, also considering our bowlers MUA marka bowling, where Kayes and Tamim faced accuracy and smart bowling from Zaheer, Munaf, Harbahajan. SO I still don't give a damn credit to Sehwag !!
i have no complaints, i will take this ugly looking 175(which i don't agree in the first place, his punches and sixes were good cricket shots) than a beautiful looking 50 .
175 is no fluke. It did the job for India.

I noticed one thing, towards the end of Indian innings, Sakib came in and started bowling wide of offstump/full length deliveries, Indian batsmen were finding it difficult to score, not just going for shots, but even singles, why did they not think it before when sehwag/kohli took the batting power play ??
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