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Assalamu walaikum brothers....
Congrats to the bangladesh team for playing good cricket in the first match.The bowling cost us the match,as shakib said.I think shafiul was a bit nervous,hoping that he will come back strongly because he is player of that class.The biggest blunder bangladesh made against the India match was playing only 2 pacers,they should have played 3 pacers instead,because indians are a better players of spin.Lets forget that now,start from scratch against IRE.To be honest they are a dangerous team with good players.More than that they have nothing to lose,as their coach said they will target only specific teams.In my opinion they targets will be 1.NED 2.BAN 3.WI.If you go through their warm up matches it clearly shows that they played with good team effort,almost everyone contributed for them.I think 8 of their batsmans scored btw 40-80 in those matches.
They have good batsmans in Porterfield,Joyce,Neilo'brain,kevino'brain,stirlin g,Botha.
Their bowling is also good with Johnson,Rankin,Langford smith along with spinners the 18 year old Dockrell, & White.
For BAN to win against them they definitely need a wholesome team effort rather than individual performances from shakib or tamim. IRE are not good players of spin,so my team BAN against IRE is as follows
Junaed innings against IND was not upto the level,once he tried the pullshot it went up in the air & a difficult chance was put down.During the introduction of spin he struggled a lot to pick up gaps.Not much footwork by him.Later he find gaps and got a good going but didn't utilise it.
There is no other position suited for Mushfiq than the no 4.He can't hit the ball hard.Also he is struggling to find gaps during PP.But he can rotate the strike well,also a better player of spin.Eventhough Raqibul played well he has to sacrifice his position for team's cause.
Many say Mahmudullah bowled badly but IMO he bowled ok.But he wasn't economical but he got a breakthrough.IMO both ASH & RIYAD are PP choices also they can bowl around 14-16 overs btw them with legspin & offspin which adds variety to the bowling attack.ASH is a player who can hit hard,pick gaps during PP he is a dangerous players if he gets going.
4 batsmans, 1 genuine allrounder, 2 allrounders , 2 SLA's , 2 pacers.
Last but not least,the main thing which costs the game against IND is the 3rd WKT parternership btw SHEWAG & KOHLI.They rotated the strike very well,run a number of 2's,punished the bad deliveries to boundaries and they took the game away from us.I WANT THE BATSMENS TO PUT A SHOW LIKE THAT.
TAMIM promised he wants to be the top scorer in every match & he kept the promise in the very first match.Similarly SHAKIB promised that we will be able to beat any team other than the subcontinent teams. I want SHAKIB to fulfill the promise he made...
I finish here by saying the quote in one of our brothers profile said by Michael Jordan:"TALENT WINS GAME BUT TEAMWORK WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS"
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