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Originally Posted by akabir77
no you are wrong. if you r playing some one else most of the bc people don't even care. there might be a thread were things might be discussed but not in the espn/cricinfo news papers.

i am talking about the articles that you people come up with. that guy in espn how dare he say some thing like this about a country in the media. he can say that stuff in blogs or at his home but when u do that in a official media then yes people know there is more to it.

don't come here and paint us with your color please. I don't know what happens in pak passion as I don't go there and i don't care.
I stand by my comments.. and I will come here and express my opinions.. I am not trying to paint you.. why should I..?

whom are you talking about in ESPN? Harsha.. Bhogle.? I thought he supported BD many times before... not sure how an article all of a sudden makes you so sensitive..? Most of the Indian commentators supports BD cricket... includin Ravi, Sunny and Sanjay....

No one takes Sidhu seriously ...he is funny guy...have you heard of something called "Sidhuism" .. !! try and google.. it..
you are misplacing your anger.. few days back Times of India had an article calling the opening ceremony something like a half success...... have you read the comments made by most of the Indians against the article..........
99% comments supported Bangladesh and made joke of the reporters from Times of India....

it is just a deeply rooted mistrust and animosity that drives most of this anger against India ...majority of young Indian generation are very well aware of BD and its growing status in the world of cricket.. and whole heartedly support you guys.....
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