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An example of the public relations disaster would be the pre-match interview given by the Bangladesh bowling coach, Ian Pont, for the benefit of the ESPN discussion panel of Harsha Bhogle, Navjot Singh Siddhu and Pat Symcox, the South African ex-Test player. Ian gave away the Bangladesh strategy for getting into the quarter finals by acknowledging that they had given up on the two end-bracketed games with South Africa and England as basically unwinnable. This public acknowledgement of defeat left Pat open-mouthed in astonishment: how can you tell your players they can’t win against England and South Africa! What kind of a strategy is this? You’ve already adopted a defeatist mentality. Pat then dismissed Ian as somebody who had no real experience of international cricket, somebody who was just a county cricketer. And along with Pat every Bangladeshi fan who was listening in was also left feeling confounded.

A PR disaster, for the Bangladeshi bowling coach to be publicly scolded by a reputed panel discussant.
Is this true? I never saw the interview.
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