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Default Ireland is developing at a much faster pace than Bangladesh.

It took Bangladesh 17 years to do what Ireland has done in 4. And today both teams remain at almost even par.

Whats the difference?

Ireland has had to earn their right to play in the world cup. Bangladesh got it handed it to them.

Looking at Ireland play you can see the amount of passion and hard work they put into every game. Fielding every ball and diving to stop the 4s. They look well conditioned and are in tip top shape. You would be lucky to see a Bangladeshi fielder trying to do the same. The players look like snails on the outfield and in poor shape.

Watching Ireland play is a joy to watch. When I watch Bangladesh I feel like I am watching a bunch of spoiled brats who think they are entitled to something.

Just an opinion from a longtime fan, first time poster.
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