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Originally Posted by bangladesh_sy
I'm sorry but this has got to stop. What is so funny about this? Please explain to me how is this suppose to make me smile. You wanna what's really funny? A dude who played 150+ ODI innings and yet can't score to save his life. And you know what else is funny those zillion other top order batsman who can't bat to save their life. And you know else is funny? Getting your a$$ kicked in front of your home crowd for 58 runs. Now that's hilarious.

We are getting pwned left and right, by the media by other teams by fans and here we are trying to make a fool out of ourselves. Today some one posted in the India match thread saying 'hahah ki moja Kholi out hoise' and someone pwned him by saying 'not as moja as getting your own behind handed to you on your own back yard'. And all I did was lol. Because who are we to go around pointing at others when we can't even fix up our own issues. This sort of mentality is really starting to piss me off. We are here to support BD cricket team not point at other teams and feel better about ourselves. We expect our players to be professional, maybe that can start by first us fans acting like true fans. True fans don't need to point at others misery to feel good about our team.
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