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Originally Posted by SMHasan
To be honest this article had a bad taste, true. But we saw people admiring our love for cricket when the tournament kicked off. We had some good articles, but this one ruins it all.

Then again can we blame others for what we did? NO. We are to be blamed always for what happened, even though we sent flowers to the team hotel.

I think lot of us saw what happened around TSC, Shahabag and DU area yesterday. The whole area was a battlefield as the news of the death of a student was being spread. Then the students were breaking cars, buses, pavements etc etc. BRTC bought 100 new buses and one of them which costs crores of taka- was broken and diminished. DO we really need this? If any foreigner comes and see that incident then what he or she will think? We are a nation full of naive? Or what? You don't have to damage your own property to show anger or protest, do you?

To be honest we show too much reaction, we are passionate- it's true, but we are destructive as well. We must change ourselves. The sooner it's better for us.
Bro, blaming is not the name of the game. Its high time to move on.

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