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BDFlag An initiative to revive the Tigers' spirits!

Hello everyone!

I'd like to share with all of you a new initiative to help the Tigers - and the fans - recover from our recent defeat!

Facebook event: Support the Tigers - Join the Movement

"After the dismal performance against the West Indies the tigers are at an all time low. Show them your support and help them get back on their feet. Let them know that that you are still backing them, that you still believe in them.

"In the darkest moments, our doubts may grow,
But in the face of disaster, our characters must show"

The makers of the 'Bangladesh Cricket - Never Stop Believing' video ( want to show the team that the fans will be with them through thick and thin, and hence this movement was initiated. For this movement to be successful we need all your support.

Leave your message for the tigers on the wall of this page and/or send us a picture (the address for emailing your pictures is Just write a message, hold it up and take a picture with your message!). We will compile all of your messages and pictures, and create a collage to present to the team before the next game.

We need your messages/pictures, and we need them ASAP! The England match is on Friday, the 11th, so start sending in your messages and pictures NOW. We'll start compiling them after 12pm on the 9th, get the whole thing printed that night and send it to Chittagong the next morning, which is Thursday, the 10th.

We encourage you to take your own initiative and spread this message among all your friends. Maybe you can set yourself a target of collecting, say, 50 messages/pictures from your friends and family? Take the challenge! And of course, NEVER STOP BELIEVING!"

We need as many messages from as many fans as possible! And that's why we need YOUR help, BanglaCricket! So please, send us a motivational/supportive picture message (see the event wall for an example from a fan in Montreal ). If you can't, then just post a message on the event wall. And if you don't use facebook, then just send that message to us at!

This is an initiative by fans, for fans, and for the Tigers. So if you have ideas, or can help out in any way... that would just be fantastic!
We will never stop believing in our Tigers! Watch the video!
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