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Originally Posted by shuziburo
Good initiative. However, not everyone in the team is at FB. It might help if the members attending the game could make a few placards with some nice phrases:

"Go Tigers Go!!! We are with you till the end."

"We still BELIEVE!!!"

Add more please...

The plan is to use these photos and messages to make a motivational collage, which we will print and have hand-delivered to the Bangladesh cricket team (in a sufficiently large size for them to be able to read the individual messages in the photos) before the England game, not during it.

In addition to that, we're working on another video for the team, and we're planning on incorporating these photos and messages in it. That video will also be shown to the team before the game.

But yes, placards of this sort are definitely a good idea!

Oh, and you don't have to be on FB to be involved in this initiative! Just post a motivational picture message for the team here in this thread, or email it to us at And if you don't have a camera around, then a simple supportive/motivational forum post (with your name) will suffice!
We will never stop believing in our Tigers! Watch the video!

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