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Originally Posted by Zunaid

For all I know, Mr Monga might be a fellow American for all I know.
I highly doubt that to be the case. For one I've heard him speak and he doesn't sound remotely American, accent or diction et al. Also even the most vitriolic of American journalists, on the mainstream media, use tact and some subtlety in their writings.

There's no semblance of subtlety in Monga's writing.

On a different note I personally noticed this drastic change in his tone after the India BD match in which it seemed both Sambit Bal (cricinfo editor) and Monga where very unhappy with what they percieved as 'saddistic cheering' by the BD crowd at Sehwag's getting hit...before that their writings didn't seem so bitter, like the tear-inducing article they wrote for the Opening Ceremony.

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