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Originally Posted by Padosan
@jawaherul, really ? you dont see any ? no offense, I don't mean to teach grammar, may be someone else can help you from here. For starters, you can begin from the first sentence of "Supposedly" Lorgat's email

@RazabQ, ooh i totally side with you. He being interesting can be seen in the same way as "well known", albiet notoriously, people laugh at him not with him TBH. My point was just to ignore him, he does not know anything better . I am sure you know already, but if not , google siddhuism and see for yourself.

cheers !

"The issue that you have raised had caught into my attention and we are completely aware of the fact on this matter."

You think, there is any grammatical mistake on this line? And on account of that, you question my knowledge on english grammer? ok fine. Let me analyze it.

The sentence is a compound sentence. First part is a complex sentence. "The issue that you have raised had caught into my attention"... that here is a relative pronoun whose antecedent is "issue", in the part "you have raised" uses present perfect tense because it happened in the past but its effect is still present, if its effect were not resent then there is no point in replying to his email. then the next part "had caught into my attention" means that it had caught into Lorgat's attention even before. look at the phrasal verb "catch into" meaning .. "to attract".

The next part of the compound sentence, "we are completely aware of the fact on this matter". Here we mean ICC officials. "be aware of" means "to have knowledge or cognizance about". The total sentence means, they have the complete knowledge on the truth on the matter raised into question.

At which point did you have an inconsistency? And just point out the exact grammatical error please; don't question my grammar knowledge, you have no right to do that. I have not questioned your knowledge in any of my post.
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