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Originally Posted by Padosan
hey sorry man, chill. i dont mean to come at you in any other way. no offense intended.

We are straying away from the topic. to your line, do you think
"had caught into my attention " looks right to you ? i wont reply to your posts anymore, so dont waste your time analysing simple compound sentences anymore.

Again, sorry if it meant any offense. May be i shld have put it better.

cheers !

It's ok.

and yes that sentence is fine as long as my opinion is concerned. "catch into" is a popular phrasal verb and the use of past perfect tense in the sentence is also ok with me. anyway, i know that you will not reply to this post, i just clarified why i think that sentence is grammatically correct.

and on topic, i guess we will be sure about the authenticity of the news (or the lack thereof) in a few hours time.
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