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I have never come across the phrasal verb "catch into", let alone being used in the context of "catch into attention". Perhaps it is more common in the subcontinent or southern Africa. That was the first jarring element in that email. The other common error that stood out for me was the use (or lack of) articles where needed (e.g. ICC instead of the ICC in places). Again, that is a very common trait for those from the subcontinent (and also East Asia) as we tend not to use a determiner or an article in our native languages.

As someone with a bit of a linguistics background, I am interested in linguistic anthropology and the interesting way English words and phrases morph in different cultural contexts. Consider the phrase "revert back to you" that is used in the subcontinent (and parts of Europe) to mean the same as "get back to you". Anyway, I digress.

I may just be pontificating over nothing. After all, Haroon Lorgat IS of subconitental origin so he may speak and write just like that.
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