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Default Well done Tigers ! Shame on those fans ....

Very well done Tigers. It was so great to come back from that fluke defeat to the Windies, to post a very well fought out - and therefore very convincing - victory over England. As a Sri Lankan, I admired the true grit of the Tigers, especially the 9th wicket pair who played so intelligently and courageously.

No cricketer likes to go out there, do badly and lose, disappointing the fans. What happened against the Windies - not the defeat, but folding up for 58 - was purely an "accident" like Kayes said in the post match interview today. That did not give the right to so called fans to,
  • run down the Bangladeshi cricketers
  • stone their bus
  • stone the bus of the visitors
  • stone the house of the Bangladeshi captain
  • insult the Bangladeshi cricketers and the coaching staff
  • write unwarranted and unfounded "smart" comments here

Even tonight I saw so many fans leaving the stadium without staying with the Bangladeshi team when they were up against it. Shame on them ! Those fans - a vary large number - did not have the guts to see it. The same kind of people think they have the right to get violent and insulting against the Tigers and their support staff when they lose !

Come on fans, get real ! Stand by your team at all times ! Nothing gives you the right to stone them ! Even if they are genuinely bad you have no right to do that.

This team is taken seriously by any opposition now and I for one think that the Tigers are now a top notch team. I will not be surprised to see them in the semi finals this time.

Go Tigers !
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