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Originally Posted by Fazal
Don't know where you live, but where I live, I see fans leaving (when their team is losing and according to their opinion no chance to win) almost any game in NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS is usa.

Yes they may have missed a golden opportunity to witness their team's dramatic win, but its them to decide what they missed. I don't see anything wrong. Beacuse its teir money they spent and its their time they prioritize what hiow they want to spend. Ususally they do it to avoid traffic while going home.

I don't see at all its a boorish behaviour (if leaving early is what you meant).
Well leaving early was not what I meant.

Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties like many games in this CWC have shown. I knew Bangladesh had players at the bottom who could do this. Though there had been a middle order collapse, the number of runs left to get was way below the number of balls left. Having followed Bangladeshi cricket closely, I knew a Tiger win was a possibility but also expected the match to go right down to the wire.

Those who stayed back got their money's worth but I think most of them don't have their finger nails left.

Heart patients had every right to leave the stadium. What was going on was not what their doctors would recommend !

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