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Originally Posted by Fazal
When Mashfree comes back, I think we should give back the captaincy to him.

One leggeg captain is better than our putu putu chidt kaduni captain. What do you guys think?

Hi Fazal, I beg to differ with you. Even though I have a lot of respect for Mashrafee and he is indeed one of my favorite players, I don't think he will make a better captain than Shakib. In my opinion Shakib is by far the best captain Bangladesh has had so far. Keep in my mind he is still very young and early days in his career. After that humiliating defeat to WI, our players specially him (Shakib) had to endure a lot of criticism and insult from the fans and media. His house was attacked putting his families safety in jeopardy for God's sake. That definitely puts a lot of pressure on you as an individual. I mean let's be realistic here if someone attacked my family I would be shaken and rattled too. So let's give him and our players a break here. They had to go through a lot in these recent days. If we are cheering for them and making them heroes when they win we should also stand behind them when they loose too, that's what makes us loyal fans. This victory was very emotional for him and the team and us fans too. Like it or not we Bengali's are very emotional, it's in our blood. So I don't think there is anything wrong with him shedding a few tears and certainly does not make him a "putu putu" captain as you pointed out. Again this is my own opinion and you don't necessarily have to agree with me.
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