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Originally Posted by real123
Ai j shuru hoisey amader writer der golpokatha. Lets move on, we were lucky- next time might not be. Safiul can not save us in every match.
There are lot of things need to be fixed before any "chokher pani". Bangali alpotei khushi hoye jai.
where does all the hatred for shakib comes from?? Captain's main job is in the field when we are fielding.. hasn't his astute captaincy restricted England to 225?? hasn't his strategy and all the brilliant bowling changes caused Ireland to collapse chasing a modest total. He is the most successful captain in the history of Bangladesh. Who can deny that??
I can't understand why some fans here love mashrafee so much that they are ready to sacrifice the most successful captain in bangladesh's history. In my eyes u r putting ur admiration of a player over the interest of the team.
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