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Certainly not the best victory but it could yet prove to be the most meaningfull one. It was certainly the worse for my physical and emotional health. My heart was pumping at a very high rate. The matter was made worse as the Willow started buffering after Shafiul's maximum. I had to start Yoga to calm myself down.

There were some horrible moments. For example, when Sakib went for a sweep to a ball that was begging to be cover driven. Then there was the brain freeze prompting Kayes to attemp the impossible second. Mushy looked like a deer caught in the headlight. In the end Shafiul made it all worthwhile. I took a chance in not watching England batting. Instead, slept for a few more hours. So, I still have to watch England's innings on the replay. Then again may be not. Who cares? Just beat SA and we will be through. England will not beat WI. You heard it here first.
" victory or loss is final. They will compete again tomorrow and there will be another shot at redemption." Sambit Bal
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