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Originally Posted by bd fan
because of shafiul we won.... he shud be given more credit-- shafiul made 24 runs off 24 balls and mahmudullah got 21 runs off 42 balls Mahmudullah nearly costed us the match.

And I thought mahmuudullah was supposed to bat like a top order batsmen. Well... he was lucky shafiul saved him otherwise loads of people would be bashing mahmudullah.... Shafiul played much better. I remember Mahmudullah edging a ball which just fell short to the wicket keeper.

When mahmudullah came out to bat i was really angry, it was like he wanted the team to lose. I mean he had no intention to try and hit a boundary. Instead he was defending and the reqired run rate was creeping up to seven and a half. But shafiul then the next over scored i think a four and a six to mantain the required run rate.

I remember mullah doin this before in previous matches, where it looked like all he cared about was his average.

-Please don't get angry at me, I am extremely happy that Bangladesh won, but just saying that mahmudullah didn't actually play that well
I really have to say you do not understand cricket. Cricket is not just about hitting the ball. He is an accomplished batsman and needed to take into account that Shafiul is just a tail ender and thus took the sedate approach. You need to know how to appreciate a player with Brains. And you are saying he was nearly costing us the match? Are you a fool or what? Sorry I do not usually intend to make personal attacks but you kind of pissed me off!
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