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Originally Posted by bd fan
because of shafiul we won.... he shud be given more credit-- shafiul made 24 runs off 24 balls and mahmudullah got 21 runs off 42 balls Mahmudullah nearly costed us the match.

And I thought mahmuudullah was supposed to bat like a top order batsmen. Well... he was lucky shafiul saved him otherwise loads of people would be bashing mahmudullah.... Shafiul played much better. I remember Mahmudullah edging a ball which just fell short to the wicket keeper.

When mahmudullah came out to bat i was really angry, it was like he wanted the team to lose. I mean he had no intention to try and hit a boundary. Instead he was defending and the reqired run rate was creeping up to seven and a half. But shafiul then the next over scored i think a four and a six to mantain the required run rate.

I remember mullah doin this before in previous matches, where it looked like all he cared about was his average.

-Please don't get angry at me, I am extremely happy that Bangladesh won, but just saying that mahmudullah didn't actually play that well
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