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Originally Posted by allrounder
The South African team that played against India looks unbeatable by Bangladesh. SA really has to perform way below their mark and Bangladesh has to play even better to have a chance for Bangladesh.

Cannot miss catches like we did today. Cannot just bowl and expect the batsmen to make the mistake. Have to bowl wicket taking deliveries. Have to find gaps by using the wrist and footwork.
A few things. If SA wins against Ireland, they will be on a more relaxing mode because they will be already thru. Secondly, the pitch that they played against India suits them, and not going to be the pitch at Dhaka. Not to mention, we'll have the army of SLA's to suit the pitch that India did not have. So, if we play at the best of our potential, we can challenge them regardless of their level of play.

Tamim and Shakib needs to fire and we'll have a game on our hand. It SHOULD not be a walk in the park for SA.
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