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Originally Posted by mbaig1
yes ... If i have to guess, I will give the exact same reason for Mushfiq's behavior. Giving a send-off is fine but while giving a send-off with your face half a feet away from batsmen shouting something is strictly pathetic. I have seen Zaheer Khan to Steyn to Mortaza giving send off's but never to such a low level. Even Harbhajan gives send off's but I can not recall him being so close to a batsmen's face. So yes, Harbhajan may have given 250 send off's but from a distance and hence never such a bad send off as given by Mushfiq today.

Most of the people are not getting the difference between being 2 meters away or 2 inches away from a batsmen.

And yes it is always a no issue if the miscreant is from your team.
Guys.. I see this as our players growing few pairs.. and I feel there is nothing wrong with that. I was wondering when Naeem was turned down by the umpire and how he went back and kicked in front of him was a bit "beyadobi"... but this only proves our players are growing in confidence.

We needs players who are self confident... sick of being nice guys.. remember.. "nice guys finish last"
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