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Originally Posted by MarufH
Guys.. I see this as our players growing few pairs.. and I feel there is nothing wrong with that. I was wondering when Naeem was turned down by the umpire and how he went back and kicked in front of him was a bit "beyadobi"... but this only proves our players are growing in confidence.

We needs players who are self confident... sick of being nice guys.. remember.. "nice guys finish last"
Maybe wrong but I differ, I always feel that one should always let the bat or the ball do the talking. BD was playing Holland but if same action is done against SA or Australia it eggs them much more and more often than not the plan backfires. A good example is what happened to Dilshan in the match against Australia. Similarly Zaheer lost the plot in 2003 world cup finals after Hayden missed just one ball and Zaheer had a go against Hayden.
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