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Originally Posted by mbaig1
There is no obvious end to this argument as we come from different school of thoughts and I can totally see your opinion and maybe eve I used to have your opinion 5-10 years back.

But what I feel is that the players are there to win the game for the country and not win personal battles or fight. If they score runs, they win the game and the battle. 99% of the time you will loose because of hot head. So, why do something which can cause harm to you and hence the team. Tigers will not be called tigers because they can sledge but Tigers will be called Tigers if they win the matches regularly. Actions of Mushfiq looks ok today because BD won. Everything looks good because BD won. If BD had lost most of you would be saying, Stupid Mushfiq ... cannot play but only sledge.

Also, our concept of Lion and sheep are different. As said in Lion King ...

Mufasa: I'm only brave when I have to be. Simba, being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.

Lion will always stand up when in trouble but ... hopefully you get my point .. I can not explain more clearly...Sheep will run when in trouble which was never my point ...

I move away from this thread so that we do not digress further.

Fair call. I still think Mushy cant play and just barking. But still, it is just good to see boys showing some guts. What Mushy did today, he did it to get into Netherland boys head. This can prompt them to play silly shots. Many great cricketers said, cricket is mostly mind game.

you and I donno what happened before he gave him a send off. Maybe when BD lost to them last year, he was given a send off and he is just returning the sweet revenge.
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