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Few observations that I have about Imrul, not in any particular order.

1. He likes to play himself in - gets his eye in and gets comfortable before he goes for the shots. Obviously that doesn't include those incredibly bad deliveries that deserve to go to the boundary. Given that bowlers can sometimes keep a tight line and length continuously, it's not necessarily a good thing for Imrul. So far he hasn't showed to have those occasional brain farts under pressure, probably because he can the bowler would gift him with occasional hit-me balls.

2. He sometimes tries to play too defensively with straight bat. I remember against England he played a ball that's far outside off as if he's driving the ball to long ended up going to more square from deep cover. He could have driven for the covers...and that would have gotten him a boundary. I consider that shot to be a mishit, although the commentators didn't think so.

3. His running between the wickets should improve. Gifting your wicket away with a silly runout isn't going to win you matches. It hasn't stopped us from winning the matches this WC, but it could have.

Other than that, I know the coach has many things to work on with even the most technically correct batsmen. So lets leave it to the coaches. I love the way Imrul keeps his cool. He can improve a lot more. He should take the opportunity to learn from Siddons and co.

Oh, lets not forget about his fielding abilities. I assume this thread is only aimed at hearing about his batting performance.
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