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Originally Posted by Dhakablues
While I am infusing ideas: Can BanglaCricket also have tiered patrons? like the NPR model? For a donation of $25, you get a T-shirt, for a generous gift of $50, you get a 'beautiful' china made mug, for a contribution of $75, you get a DVD of great screen savers, wall papers, for $100, you get autographed pictures of Bangladesh national players,,,,,
I should hope not.

First, unlike say, NPR, BC does not need donations from members in order to function. At least, I hope not (Zunaid and mods, correct me if I am mistaken).

Second, having tiered patrons runs the risk of creating class distinctions between members, those who are donators, and those who aren't, and even among those who donate based on the size of donations. Right now, no such class distinctions exist; members' comments are judged solely on the basis of their merit, and I for one would not like to see this change. And do keep in mind that not all of our members are wealthy -- some of them are young, and/or students, and/or on scholarships or working to pay their own way through college. Making them feel left out by not being able to pay as much as these hypothetical top-ranked patrons runs counter to the spirit of BC in my opinion.

Third, the donations that were made by some of us here, were proffered after we had discussed the issue and knew what the money was to be used for -- the Prothom Alo ad. Now, I have no doubts whatsoever about the motivations of the moderators and members of BC -- they are indeed good people; but there is a qualitative difference between donating money for a specific goal, and putting it into a nebulous fund whose specific uses we have not yet decided upon. Frankly, I myself am more inclined to have matters handled the way they were this time, with interested members donating money into specific causes that they feel worthwhile.
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