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Originally Posted by Dhakablues
@Shaad: Its a thought only. Forum privileges doesn't have to be tied to the T-shirt or mug we buy with the BC logo on it..I am sure the money Zunaid gather from the ad that we click on the or Nordstrom is plenty to cover the server charges each month.
Dhakablues - I do not own BC, I am just a volunteer as the other mods and staff. As such, I gather no money from any advertisement revenues on BC. However, it is true that BC revenues are sufficient to cover current operational costs - hosting. NO revenue accrues to the founders/owners and also to the volunteer admins, mods or staff. Yup, no business lunches or expenses. The time I give to BC is my own.

@Shaad - I generally agree with you. Whenever money has been collected under the aegis of a particular initiative, that money should be used solely for that purpose.

I will reiterate just in case this misconception is widespread. I am NOT a owner of BC. I am just a volunteer out of my deep love for Bangladesh cricket and also because I agree 100% with the current mission and vision of Banglaricket.

I pay my own bills (and often some BC bills) on my own.
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