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Originally Posted by lamisa
I was actually thinking...why not convert the NCL teams (Dhaka, Rajashahi etc. ) into franchises and sell them off...Once you privatise them, you can see the owners of the franchises automatically trying their best to better their players. Since divisions like Sylhet do not perform as well as Rajshahi for eg, they would be sold at a lower price. However, once the owners start development, possibilities are endless.

If I was the owner of Sylhet, here's what I would've done, out of my own interest:
1) Create better training facilities and hire competent staff across the board.
2) Pay cricketers good salaries & force them to train regularly in off season.
3) Get a good head coach.
4) Invite overseas teams such as Ireland A and Maharastra to play them, market the matches and generate revenue (stadium owned by us)
5) Create Sylhet fan base home and overseas and sell merchandise
6) Continously try to steal better talents from other regions.
7) Cry we are broke and get money off BCB.

Checks to ensure franchises look at long term player development etc:
1) Quota of two players having played less than 20 NCL games
2) Set number of rookies to be in the team of 25 or so players every year, with a certain number of games to be awarded to these rookies.
3) For every player developed by a franchise (as in, played first 4-5 matches with this club) the club gets rewarded by BCB in the following three years depending on their performances.

Steps to include this gets running:
1) Improve some ground facilities and sell the franchises at cheap rates with the understanding that the franchises are responsible for the development of every aspect of the teams
2) Make it lucrative by having T20 NCL competion at the end of season. Do not allow a DPL T20.
3) Set the ground rules regarding paying a minimum salary to all staff involved.
4) Decide on how the players get exchanged. I say similar to DPL rather than IPL auctions.
5) Decide on where subsidies will be the most helpful.

WHat do you guys think?
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