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Originally Posted by nahaz
I wholeheartedly agree.... here was a Bangladeshi with vision. If he stayed as BCB president from 1999 till today, we would have seen a wholly different Bangladesh in the world stage. I do not understand why he even needs to be in Hasina's good book to be BCB president..if he gets the position, even Madam Zia might keep him. In Bangladesh, it reflects well on the government if the cricket team does well, somehow.

I wonder what Saber bhai thinks about our cricket right now...can BC arrange an interview with him?
The reason he needs to be in Hasina's good book is because the BCB president post is still very much political appointment. Our PM has a major say as to who will take over the richest and most prestigious sporting organization. Saber Choudhury is till date the best possible candidate for the post as he has the passion for the sports and has a clear idea as to what needs to be done with this organization unlike mr. Lotus Kamal who i doubt can even spell cricket properly.

Boishakhi tv had a 30 min talk show with him the night of the SA game. He correctly spelled out the reality of the board and current structure of our domestic cricket which shows the man knows his game.
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