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Originally Posted by offstump
if the best bowlers of ur countries are Off spinners you have to play them, unless u have a quality variety.

now our best bowler are SLA. now if u look for replacements u will find more SLA's. noor hossain is a leggie , very promising. we have mahmudul hasan as a right hand Off-spiner. but is mahmudul or noor matured enough. also there is nasir hossain

and about kapali ...... he is more of a part timer, and we treat our partimers as full timers. the likes of naeem and riadh .... we feel they can give us 10 overs regularly which is not true. kapali falls into same category.
Kapali wasn't a part timer initially, I have seen very few part timers with hat tricks, but now he is a part timer i guess because we didn't nurture his talent. He may not be the best but his part time leggies wouldn't be amiss in a team full of part time batsmen and ashraful-we have spinner all rounders-4 of them and a guy called ashraful who claims to be one. Kapali if given the exposure and time I think could have become a decent spinner. Wrist spin is an art that's harder to muster and our younger kids find it easier to bowl finger spin which is why they get into it. They don't see any BD players who are leggies. I think Kapali should be in the squad at least for variation.
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