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At this point, what Tamim wants is not going to change anything.

From all the rumors that we are hearing, there will be some significant changes... and that includes some changes in BCB management, selector change, head coach chnage, and definitely that means some new players will be in and some will be out of the BCB future plan.

At this point, it doesn't matter whether you like it or not...but we all know its comming....and its not new in team sports.... after failure/missed opportunity at the highest level... fairly or unfairly, some of the players/coaches/selectos/executives will take the heat and will be saked.... that's the life of professional sports now a days.

And to me its perfectly ok .... we need change... and we need change beyond the current players... it have to be in coaching/team selectors/ BCB management.

So I am kind of looking forward to it..... I don't see it a knee jerk reaction... its expected.... the players should know that, the coaches should know that , the selectors should know that, the BCB executives should know that.

Good or bad we cannot go with the same bunch for next 4 years...there have to be new blood, there have to be new approach, there have to be new program to bring new blood, there have to be more competetion for each slots in the team for any hope in the next WC.

So I am look for some change.... I cannot live with the same for next 4 years. Sorry to say that.
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