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Default A Head Coach should have a vision

I'll keep it short.
  1. TIK should concentrate on his batting. A batsman with his talent should not average less than 40. We should start weeding out batsmen with < 30 average and push them toward high-30's and 40's.
  2. Jamie might have been a good teacher. But, having a long-term vision is also essential. I have not seen that from him at all. We still have weaknesses at 3, 4, 6, and 7. All JS has done was to recycle old wine into new bottles. Perhaps Riyad is one of the answers for top order, but he was player at 6 and 7! We have a ready-made replacement for the useless Mushy (other than stamping) in jahurul, but he was not even in the top 15!
  3. I absolutely don't like people engaged in favoritism. Unfortunately, JS had his boys. If you are not in that select group, you are unlikely to make much headway.
Thank you for your "teaching," Jamie. Now let's welcome a Head Coach. No. Not Gregg Chappell!
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