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Originally Posted by nura43
But things would have been beautiful had we not been all out at 58 and 78 against West Indies and South Africa respectively.

It’s natural that right after the World Cup I should write about the experience I had during the tournament, but I guess it will be better to write about what bad can be happening rather what has already happened.

If we omit two results for the six matches that we played in the World Cup, then I think the result could have been wonderful and none could have possibly said that we performed badly in the tournament.
Here Tamim is again, trying to downplay the shitty performance in the IND and WI games. It doesn't seem like he wants to take any responsibility for those games. It seems like he is more concerned about those 3 wins that the two games where they got their asses handed to them.

This kind of attitude does not sit well with me. And frankly, I must say I am disappointed with him.

You take any top batsmen of their time i.e. Ponting/Jayasuria, and these guys would tell you that their, and the team's performance was crap, and those 3 wins don't hold much merit if you get creamed as badly as BD did in the other two.

And here we have, supposedly our "batsman of the future" saying their performance in the 3 wins was wonderful, and those loses are more like afterthoughts.

Fact of the matter is, except for the NED and India game, our batting sucked, period. Diarrhea of wickets, bad shot selection, not playing according to the situation, etc. These guys seem to have zero adaptability. Not one player used their feet in the Ire game, in a very slow pitch, especially when Dockrell was bowling.

As for the article, I have no problem with it. He is standing up for his coach, and voicing his opinion in his own column. I believe he has the right to do so as the VC, and as a writer. However, don't think this will bode well with BCB.

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