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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
Not sure ROACH got ANY bounce to be honest on the Dhaka pitch...

Mpofu and Tsotsobe are of course GIANTS compared to our bowlers and you would expect them to extract more bounce from any pitch.

I am not quite sure what you expect from Shafiul if you are saying he couldn't do it against the big boys. He isn't a machine, he's human. And he's not ranked number one in the world or even in the top 50. He's a young kid learning how to bowl and the same goes for Rubel.

I am really going to defend my fast bowlers here because they get a raw deal. They have had to live with a rotation policy before my arrival where they don't get an extended run in the side. Nazmul for example, hasn't played since October 5th in an ODI (only bowled 4 overs in a WC warm up).

We are asking our quicks to perform like seasoned professionals from other teams but they are still trying to get used to playing regularly and being giving the responsibility to perform and not whipped off to be replaced by a spinner yet again.

When I arrived I was told the fast bowlers were not very good and they leaked a huge amount of runs at the start and at the end. They could not be trusted I was told.

Shafiul and Rubel have variously bowled good spells in my time here and Rubel in particular has been unlucky not to get more wickets. So i feel progress is being made. Steady progress, not a 'flash in the pan' progress that is a fluke. It's a steady climb and we are making it. That means they will often get things wrong on the BIGGEST STAGE OF ALL. If they didn't then they would be in the top 10 bowlers in the world, which they aren't at the moment.
Coach, don't mean to badger but when I mentioned Roach I was referring to his ability to seam the ball in and out.

I know Tsotsobe is tall, 6.5' but I didn't know Mpofu was that much taller than our bowlers. When I mentioned their names I was referring to their ability of extracting extra bounce because they were able to land the ball on the stitch and got more bounce than what their respective height contributed. During the Zim series, Mpofu showed great ability nipping the ball in and out at was a great bit of bowling performance to see on our flat tracks which I'd love to see our pacers doing more often.....some thing Zaheer Khan is able to do in most matches.

Anyways, I don't think you need to defend our pace bowlers as the improvement curve it self is the biggest proof. One should hope that your contract gets extended soon so you can start working with our pacers, especailly Mash. and improve them to world class quality so there's no auto pass for spinners in our team. Nothing will make me happier to see some away series where our pacers come out on top. Thanks for your time.
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