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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
....That bolded italicised part above made NO sense by the way.....

I didn't write the article in the newspaper about the butterfly - I was interviewed about it. How can I speak of it too early when the journalist saw it being bowled and asked what it was? You make it sound like I started the media campaign about the butterfly stuff.

I don't write the newspapers and control the media....

I know you want to seemingly blame me that we are out of the WC without the butterfly being bowled and it's my fault the fans throw stones at the buses and cause a major security breach.

I am fast learning that some BD fans like to blame everything and everybody.
Gosh... Ian .. I am an Indian but a big fan of BD cricket... but I am just surprised to see coaching stuff spending so much of time and effort on fan forum... it works both way I guess... one way it is refreshing to see that team official is directly communicating with the fan base but on the other hand typically it make sense not to engage verbatim debate with fans... because as a bowling coach of national team .. it just dilutes the credibility .. just my 2 cents.. I am sure you are way more experienced on a professional circle... than me.. however after following through the thread of your posts.. I think you might come out as over-selling...again not to show any disrespect but .. coming from a complete outsider point of view...

plus the butterfly delivery... if someone can't deliver it during the most important tournament.. that comes once in every 4 years.. whats the use of it? hopefully in future we will get to see some versions of it...
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