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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
I am fast learning that some BD fans like to blame everything and everybody.
This is my first post on BC, I have been an avid reader here for the last 4 years but feel the need now to defend against a few of the comments being made here against coach Pont.

Yes coach, unfortunately its in our culture to blame, pass the blame, not be objective, turn a human to demi-god and take the same person to the lowest abyss... we are an emotional bunch...

The only two bowlers that trained with Ian and got to play in matches are Rubel and Shafiul. Surely if you have followed their pre-IAN era games and compare to the recent ones there is marked improvement in line, length and consistency. Yes there have been the odd games with errors due to pressure, but what did you really expect... world beaters like Wasim or Mcgrath in such a short time.... Its not like we have had great fast bowlers in our history who are coaching and have pace academies littered around the country where the Rubels and Shafiuls could learn the basics... Coach Pont has been teaching them stuffs that budding pacers get taught at youth level in countries such as AUS, ENG, even INDIA. Please undertand that this is a process and will take time as we develop institutions where more BD coaches can impart correct knowledge in the art of pace bowling....

If you want to see consistency then surely the few months that the coach has spent is not enough to breed such, yet 11 wins in 16 games says a lot...

Cut a break please, none of us are perfect and if each of the negative commentators were to question their own professional lives its easy to see that we all strive for perfection but cant always get there..... Lets be objective and judge the coach on the results he has achieved so far (which is great in the short time he had)... please treat the coach as a normal human being rather than nitpick every single comment and every single move that doesnt conform to our opinions....

My apologies if you feel my post was harsh, I certainly dont want to offend anyone and understand that you have the best of intentions for BD cricket just like all of us...
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