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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
PS> oh and yes ..what IS the point of learning a new skill in a few weeks if you cannot use it at the WC. I will instruct the bowlers to forget all about it.
I apologize... but if we have a secret weapon that I want to exploit ... i want to do that at that world cup.... i might be a failure but I gotta keep on trying it... learning a couple of weeks before the world cup...? that why the expectation build up...? I remember after the Ind match comments were made that it will be coming up during next matches..since during IND match Sehwag went after him right from first ball...........not sure but did we try it when BD tail was up .. during Holland match..?

I remember Mendis completely destroying the Indian batting line up and winning the Asia cup final for Srilanka... you get a short window of opportunity to do that. now .. all the Indian batsmen appeared to figure out how to handle Mendis and he is sometimes kept out of India match.. ... by the time next world cup comes hopefully skill sets will be in preparation for more than couple of weeks or may be we should use butterfly only during next world cup ..

going by the instructions of Mods.. I am just disagreeing with message not the messenger... also all the BD fans not think I am out there to disparage your coaching stuff.. however I do not feel equally obligated to agree with all the statements...
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