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Originally Posted by Prithviraj
I apologize... but if we have a secret weapon that I want to exploit ... i want to do that at that world cup.... i might be a failure but I gotta keep on trying it... learning a couple of weeks before the world cup...? that why the expectation build up...? I remember after the Ind match comments were made that it will be coming up during next matches..since during IND match Sehwag went after him right from first ball...........not sure but did we try it when BD tail was up .. during Holland match..?
I started coming to BC again during the World Cup. They took some wonderful initiatives to support our cricket team. There have been a lot of criticisms (fair and unfair) in the last few days. Usually, I just go by them but since you are directly interacting with our Coach, I had to make this post.

Ian already said why the butterfly was not bowled.

Originally Posted by Ian Pont
I cannot force people to bowl the butterfly and the bowlers decide when it's right to try it if they wish.
There is no point indulging in the same topic. You need to master the secret weapon first and then feel confident enough to use it in the match. The Coach did not create the hype.

We can analyse and over-analyse things but at the end of the day, we do it at the comfort of our own home (and everyone knows it is easier said than done). Barring two/three players and some team combinations, I still have a lot of faith in this team. The pressure got to them in the end but we (the fans) and the media are also responsible for their downfall.

People who burn effigies, throw stones are highly immature and lack the education to be civil. We should never encourage or justify such behaviours. Srilanka is also in the subcontinent and their fans are far more well mannered. The least we can do is match them in that respect.

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