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Originally Posted by One World
I am surprised by above comment where it says there are street cricketers in different countries they are better than BD national cricketers, unfortunately that is also true for BD as well. We have far better cricketers in the pipeline who never get selected or considered because of the coaches stubbornness to remain and deal with certain chosen players. This only tells me the coach is negligent to his duty to help fresh prospective talents to make room and learn as that will increase the amount of time he have to spend cutting short his densed vacation schedules.

Yes Siddons is a failure. He failed to motivate the team to beat the two teams in home venue which we comfortably beat in the same tournament in a neutral venue.
I have a statement to make there are many players who are better players than many Premier division Players in 1st division level,but when they try to join a premier team sometime those club people asks money from them to give them a chance only the ones who have contacts with the team management get a chance because if they get chance in premier league they will definitely be called for the national squad if they show good performance HOW WILL YOU SOLVE THAT?
when 2nd division and 1st division leagues are happening during the same time as HSC SSC exam so a lot of good players are forced to quit sports and sit for the exams our bowler NAZMUL Hossain is an example but his father supported him Not every parents would support that.

In Sri lanka Despite the fact their economic conditions are similar to BD, cricket is a mandatory subject for school children they learn all their basics skills there. It does not cost extra money to just teach basics to children. Thats the only way u can learn ur basics u are not suppose to learn your basics at National team.HOW MANY STREET CRICKETERS HERE CAN PLAY PROPER CRICKETING SHOTS all LOFTED SHOTS it not gonna help them develop their skills.

If you see the Ireland match 3 of our batsmen got out the same fashion trying to play a sweep shot of spin bowling There was a fielder in short fine leg catching it ,Tamim got out the same way as England and Netherlands Match which proves a point that we are not learning from our mistakes , Its just a matter of common sense that you need to learn from your mistakes.
You cant blame it on coach if you are not learning and if u don't have the right attitude towards learning.
GO TIGERS!!!!! \m/
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