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Ok... ta na hoi manlam its all BCB's fault.

Kintu Musolmaaner ek kotha..."Taklu Da must go!!"

If Siddon has indeed done a great job, he shouldn't have any problem getting even better and bigger job elsewhere. Tamim can give a recoomendation letter.

So in that case I see its a WIN WIN situation. Sometimes even a great coach need a break and need to move somewhere else and have a new start. It'same with team. Siddon repeatedly said his players doen't follow his game plan and his players are making same mistakes repeatedly. He also said this set of players should b eplaying 4 more years and will grow.

That means, even if the message is good (which is highly debatable), the messenger need to be changed for the players to follow the message, as messenger is becomming ineffective.
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