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We had so many issues with our board and infra-structure. Only good thing is we had a great non-asian cricket coaches. I am not saying BDs cannot be coaches but the time hasn't come yet. When we will have former players like Miandad, Gavaskar, Kapil, we can surely try BD coach. But untill then, our standards are whatmore, eddie barlow, gordon greeneze, Ian Pont, Jamie siddons. EVen Siddons was a kid in terms of stretagy or head coach, but as a great batting coach. Under no way, we should use one of the paki/indian around our team. Well, SL coaches as head coach may not be suitable, but they are better personal/professional.
We need high visible coaches like Whatmore not only because they are very professional, they also helps us in diplomacy. WHatmore saved our a** a lot of time by defending our test status and future.
So we should may be consider some one like Steve Wagh, Mark Taylor, Tom Moddy..
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