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I think its a combination of things. Meritorious cricket must be played in all situations. Resilience and intent is important. When chasing 370, 283 was at least somewhat of a response but we really should kick ourselves for not posting 300-320. it didn't require any "out of skin" performance, just simple and meticulous play would have seen a 300+ score.

balls need to be played on merit and need to be played according to situation (match/series/tourney). just because you are chasing 160 doesn't mean you crawl at 4 an over even when the bowlers give you hit me balls. at the same time, chasing 350+ targets doesn't mean u have to hit every ball to the fence.

but intent and application of the most risk-free implementation of that intent is what is ultimately important. it will maximize wins, and minimize the margins in lost games.
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