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Originally Posted by Shubho
"We need Level 3 qualified coaches who will teach our national team players the basics of batting/bowling/fielding/peeing/pooping"...blah blah blah... I've seen this movie before.

The worst part of it is, we will install a new head coach and s/he will say we need another doggone five years to bring the team up to snuff. I've been following Bangladesh cricket for well over 20 years now and I'm getting tired of this garbage.

Yes, we do need qualified coaches. But what I would really love to see are coaches with a "can do" attitude that will instill belief in our players, encourage them to go out and play for a win in every match, and give them the tactical know-how to take opponents apart.

In Bangladesh, we are well-known for our excuse culture. But foreign coaches are no less culpable when it comes to excuses. I have heard the same bloody arguments for the past 20 years...that our boys don't know the basics. What the hell! Our infrastructure might not be perfect, but it is a hell of a lot better than it was even 5 years ago. We have players coming through the various age-group selections and none of them know the basics? I don't buy that BS.

Enough already. For the love of God, get us a coach who will deliver with the players he's got. Not hide behind the lack-of-infrastructure, lack-of-knowledge-of-cricket-basics, lack-of-experience arguments.

Qualified coaches are a dime a dozen...I want coaches who believe in winning and will do anything humanly possible to win every game we play. I don't care if that coach happens to be Jamie, Ian, Julien, Kuddus, Solimuddin or Jharumiah.
This story belongs to BD cricket and will remain with them wheather as history or alive. All the talking is to put it into history. We aren't there yet.

When it comes to basics; it's one thing to learn a shot from book and practice it in the nets or against low skilled bowlers. It altogether different issue to face the most skilled bowlers at the highest level and emulate that shot on ground. A lots of Adjustment and skills are necessary to be successful against these bowlers. Because you have got to relearn to execute that shot against the best bowlers and in different pitch conditions. That's pretty much basic at this level.

Qualified coaches and capable coaches are two different thing. A coach must have winning attitude. But the players must be sincere and honest to accept the hard work that's necessary for his improvement.

But I cannot accept the coach rigidly sticking to a team for three years and then saying that the players are not sincere. What the hell, why didnt you sellect people who are sincere? So that's the example of a qualified but incapable coach. Just any qualified coach isn't enough.

A coach who accepts the challenge of winning under every circumstance, is the person we need. Because then you won't be fixing poor benchmarks for improvement. When JS said, "If anyone thinks of winning against G8, he is a fool - After 2007 WC" we should have understood this man. This attitude allowed him to work on petty benchmarks like individual improvements at the cost of giving up their attitude to win as a team. As a result we see consecutive 58/78 scores. A team where 2 persons play and the rest keeps doing 'zee huzur' and remain like banana trees in the team, what else do you expect? And why only Tameem and Shakib, the entire playing 11 will vouch for keeping JS, because that suits them for being in the team and be Capt/VC and enjoy another 2/4 years.

That's why all these, we need the right person, not just any qualified person, who will be more professional than JS. We need a much more honest person, who will seek genuine improvement.
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