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shakibrulz, the thread is needed because the team players and management are trying to highlight those 3 wins as all perfect things. In BC, you have certainly observed a set of fans are considering those 58 and 78 innings as one-off things. It is obvious to you and me, but not to many of us.

PP should be taken according to the match situation. There is no rigid rule for that. Against India we were chasing a huge total and we had to take it early. The fear of losing wicket does not apply in all cases.

As I told in another thread, I do not mind players getting out for an occasional duck; but when they regularly fail to capitalize on starts, they have big big problems. For Junaed you do not need 11 fielders, just use 3: the bowler, an wicket-keeper and a deep mid-wicket fielder. Bowl him one good length delivery one ft outside the off stump and he will be caught within 3 deliveries after missing to connect the first two.

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