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Default more about Internet Browsers

For some reason i need to run three four different browsers in my Laptop. so i searched for different browsers and downloaded. but in the end this is what i found.

for using in Windows platform there are very few basic Internet Browser engines.

1. IE
2. Netscape
3. Opera
4. Mozilla Firefox
5. Chrome
6. Apple Safari

the rest of the browsers i found were mainly ... ...

- browsers based on IE engine. they share the same basic settings of IE of the PC and most them pre-requisites IE in the PC. even when u turn them on u will find all ur IE bookmarks and saved passwords.

- some are based on mozilla or chrome engine. they are based on the original souce of mozilla or chrome but carries extra addons features.

- i did not find any browser who are based on opera or netscape.

- there was one browser which claims user can alternately Switch from IE, firefox or chrome engine.

ANYWAY I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW is the any else BASIC BROWSER which do not use engine of the 6 browsers i mentioned above ??? also i would prefer them to be tiny and slim.
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